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Nickname: Cigam
Country:New Zealand
Eye color:Blue
Height:187 cm
Weight:90 Kg


Hi there. Not sure what I'm doing here as it appears this site is filled with young hot girls who are probably not looking for older guys. Anyhow, here I am giving it a shot. Here is the warts n all honest blurb.... I am older (not in a creepy older guy kinda way)and do have signs of aging. However Im youthful for my age and I try to look after myself. 6'2" toned upper body with about 2-3kgs too much I'm here simply cause I have a dirty mind and sex drive to match and just dont get what I need at home.... actually I get almost none. I'm looking for a discrete clean, casual meetup where an endowed queen who is easy going yet keen to teach me a few things. If this doesnt meet your approval then kindly move on and not have a go at me. I am a sensitive guy so appear a little shy in the bedroom. But once I'm comfortable things flow. The rest you will need to ask about. :)


  • Massage sex
  • Blowjob
  • Oral sex
  • Watch Porn
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